Allstate Equipment Service DepartmentForklift downtime is the highest expense associated with owning new and used electric, warehouse, or dock lift trucks, forklifts or pallet jacks. No one understands this concept more than Allstate, your one stop dealer in VA. This is why, as a full service forklift dealer, we offer and promote preventative maintenance programs at our dealership in Chesapeake, Virginia, serving all of Hampton Roads. These are designed to service your lift trucks at the recommended maintenance intervals. A complete preventative maintenance program is your best insurance policy against costly downtime for your forklift. Let our factory-trained technicians provide you with the performance assurance you deserve through the preventative program offered at our Virginia dealership. Call toll free (888) 291-9679, send us an email or stop by our store in VA.

Our Customer Support Includes
Computerized Parts Tracking
Fleet Management including Cost Reporting
24 Hour / 7 Day Emergency Service
Repair and Rebuilding Service Forklifts
Mobile Tire Pressing
Emergency Welding and Cutting
Dock Leveler Repair and Replacement
Door Seal and Dock Shelter Repair
Industrial Battery Service
Pallet Rack and Mezzanine Sales & Installation
Baler and Compacters – Sales & Service

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